[WIP] 矢车菊 D3 – 风格化半写实模型

提示词:The girl stood on the rooftop, looking at the viewer with a smile as she held her backpack and jacket. The cityscape stretched out below her, with skyscrapers and city lights illuminating the night sky. She gazed up at the starry sky, watching as a shooting star raced across the gradient sky. The constellation of the milky way shone brightly, while the crescent moon cast a soft glow of moonlight over the earth. She could see the planet of her home, floating among the galaxy of stars. She watched as the aurora danced across the sky, adding to the beauty of the night. As she stood there, the snow began to fall, covering the city in a blanket of white. She pulled her long sleeves closer to her body, feeling the chill of the winter air. She noticed a group of fireflies floating around her, their tiny lights shining in the darkness. The sound of aerial fireworks filled the air, adding to the festive atmosphere of the city. The girl took a deep breath, feeling a sense of peace and wonder as she gazed at the night sky.u003chypernet:yukoring:0u003eu003clora:Cornflower-000001:0u003e

提示词:1girl, bangs, blue_bow, blue_bowtie, blue_eyes, blue_hair, blue_skirt, blue_sky, blush, bow, bowtie, breasts, closed_mouth, cloud, day, eyebrows_visible_through_hair, full_moon, hair_between_eyes, lens_flare, long_hair, looking_at_viewer, moon, outdoors, school_uniform, shirt, short_sleeves, skirt, sky, smile, solo, sun, white_shirtu003chypernet:yukoring:0u003eu003clora:Cornflower-000001:0u003e

提示词:((cyberpunk)), vary blue and red and orange and pink hard light, intricate light, portrait of a robotic girl with pink hair and headphones in a city at night with neon lights and buildings in the background, in the Sci-fi City at night, white and intricate clothes, dynamic hair, haircut, dynamic fuzziness, beautiful and aesthetic, intricate lightu003chypernet:yukoring:0u003eu003clora:Cornflower-000001:0u003e

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