trInkdBer 升级至 SD 2.1 512×512!!!!!!

提示词:A haunted house at night, detailed deep forest background, vintage movie horror setting, detailed matte painting, deep color, fantastical, intricate detail,, art by trInkdBer

提示词:ufo over the cow, cinematic composition, dramatic pose, beautiful lighting, sharp detailes, hyper-detailed, art by trInkdBer

提示词:a duotone portrait of an old voodoo witch doctor old-fashioned suit, afroamerican skin, long beard, illustration, art by trInkdBer

提示词:a portrait of (kthrineLngFrdWhy: 1.3) as a steampunk female detective in a scenic cyberpunk mystery environment, duotone, illustration, art by trInkdBer

提示词:a portrait of a (huge muscled man: 1.3) holding a big sword, shirtless, very long black hair, focus on face, hyper realistic, detailed jungle background, mesoamerican setting, art by trInkdBer

提示词:a duotone portrait of a goegeous american sacral priestess, witch, goddess, princess, queen, intricate emerald and gold jewerly, dressed in jewels tones, magical surrounding lighting outline, holding a quartz crystal staff emanating rainbows, exotic, pretty face, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by trInkdBer

提示词:An antropomorphic pig wearing a black suit, mustache, top hat, duotone, detailed victorian hall background, illustration, art by trInkdBer

提示词:A tall old man wearing an all-black clothes, thin, long white mustache, no beard, (pointed ears: 1.2), sharp teeth, art by trInkdBer

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