提示词:cute little girl standing in a Mediterranean port town street,wind,pale-blonde hair, blue eyes,very long twintails,white dress,white hat,blue sky,laugh,double tooth,closed eyes,looking at viewer,lens flare,dramatic, coastal

提示词:(1girl,solo:1.5),(standing:1.3),black hair,blunt bangs,Super long hair,n(beautiful Background,detailed background:1.5),n(masterpiece, best quality:1.3),beautiful detailed glow,best illuminate,(((best quality,textile shading,ultrandetailed))),extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper,Highly Detailed beautiful and aesthetic,best light,high resolution,detailed,dynamic lighting,super detailed skin,intricate details, hyper detail, sharp detail,detailed, highres, intricate details,(delicate facial features:1.3),n(very wide:1.3),(panorama view:1.3),(sense of depth:1.5),(long shot:1.3),(magnificent view:1.3),n(Wonderland, Fantasy,:1.3),(Rainbow,flower tree,sweets Clouds:1.5),(yumekawa,yumekawaii,pastel color:1.3),(sweets garden:1.3),(land of sweets,confections,rainbow arch:1.3),(Sugar confectionery,round rainbow frame:1.3),bloom,blue sky,

提示词:1 girl, solo, mature woman, slender, dark skin, shaded face, simple calligrahapic background,standing, cool face, calm, sharp eyes, (soft smile:1.3), black hair, sexy white black dress, hoop earings, intricate designed bodysuit,short twintails, gears, choker, gorgeous hair ornament, snake,many eyes floating,looking, horror, black, red, cowboy shot,headgear, close up, full color painting wall,(looking at viewer:1.5),from above, close up, full color painting wall,standing cyberpunk 15 yo girl,(looking at viewer:1.5),headphone, black jaket, (((Graffiti art) (by Carne Griffiths))), red wall background, insane details, intricate details, hyperdetailed, dim colors, exposure blend, hdr, front,red eyes,hands in pocket

提示词:best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, (photo realistic:1.2), colorful, vivid contrast, 1girl, solo, girl focus, spring water, log over mountain stream,nexcitement and joy, short pants, t-shirt, sunlight, lots of flowers, floating leaf, from above, motion blur, barefoot, { wide shot | girl focus }, { short hair | long hair | half updo },

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, perfect anatomy, intricate, (highly detailed), 2girl, outdoor, city street, BREAK, pink hair, purple hair, multicolored hair, forehead, medium hair, side ponytail, (Black ChouChou) light smile, looking at other, BREAK, black hair, short hair, parted bangs, orange eyes, (hair ping), light smile, looking at other,

提示词:1girl, closed eyes, blonde_hair, upper body, stained_glass, indoors, dress, cathedral, mucha

提示词:(exceptional, best aesthetic, new, newest, best quality, masterpiece, extremely detailed, anime, waifu:1.2), (realistic), beautiful, solo, 1 girl, petite,gleaming skin, Japanese Idol, 10 years_old, cutie, oval eyes, ((medium_breasts)),n1 girl, (solo:1.2), 1 girl, 10 years old,(chibi:1.2), (white hair, (shortcut),(Mitsuami?twin tailm),(kawaii, cute),(one eye closed), squatting, (knees up:1.1),nwink,smile,(close mouth),(poster of chichi-pui, title, text, logo,:1.2) chihci-pui_tyan, zettai_ryouiki,(huge breasts:1.1),nmeadow night,look up at the sky,ncolorful bubble,gemma correll,richard burlet,jun suemi,martin stranka,mosaic,spiral,Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski,n”BREAKn(wagasa,Japanese umbrella:1.2)nbackground:Sumi-e ink painting, touch of brush

提示词:supergirl, latex highleg leotard, lace decoration, 1girl, voluptuous, glamorous body,((battle action)), in the city, thighhigh boots

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