Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, (colorful),(delicate eyes and face), volumatic light, ray tracing, bust shot ,extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper,solo,smile,intricate skirt,((flying petal)),(Flowery meadow) sky, cloudy_sky, moonlight, moon, night, (dark theme:1.3), light, fantasy, windy, magic sparks, dark castle,white hair

提示词:(masterpiece, high quality, highres,illustration),blurry background,[(white background:1.2)::5],cowboy shot,nspring (season),(no light:1.1),(temptation:1.2),elegance,n(1loli:1.1),(very long hair:1.1),(blush:0.7),floating hair,ahoge,deep sky,star (sky),n(summer (Floral:1.2) dress:1.1),outline,(see-through:0.85),shining,low twintails,n(polychromatic peony:1.15),Movie poster,(colorful:1.1),ornament,petals,(pantyhose:1.1),nribbon,

提示词:1girl, teddy bear, baseball cap, hat, solo, stuffed animal, stuffed toy, smile, long hair, hood down, jacket, hood, headphones, closed mouth, purple hair, long sleeves, fingernails, nail polish, sleeves past wrists, looking at viewer, multicolored eyes, bangs, hooded jacket, yellow nails, red jacket, multicolored nails, hair ornament, object hug, blush, red nails, white headwear, upper body, purple eyes, claw pose, heart, black headwear, hand up, bow, hoodie, hairclip, nail art, button badge, very long hair, hair between eyes, orange nails, puffy long sleeves, puffy sleeves, black bow, badge, holding, drawstring, red eyes, pink nails, star (symbol), multicolored hair, blue nails, holding stuffed toy, lightning bolt symbol, colorful, looking to the side

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, full body,white hair,long hair,purple eyes, slim body,slim legs,playing violin,white dress,night,moon,shootig star,cloud,lakeshore,

提示词:1girl, solo, long hair, yellow hair, magic circle, thighhighs, staff, hairband, skirt, magic, white thighhighs, full body, looking at viewer, white background, red eyes, frills, twintails, garter straps, hair ornament, wide sleeves, holding staff, jewelry, red skirt, simple background, very long hair, dress, zettai ryouiki, frilled skirt, standing, capelet, long sleeves, holding, breasts, brown eyes, crystal, gem, floating hair, bangs,arms up,laughing, happy

提示词:finely detail, Depth of field,(((masterpiece))),((extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper)),best quality, high resolution illustration,Amazing,highres,intricate detail,(best illumination, best shadow, an extremely delicate and beautiful),n1girl, hat,solo,white hair, long_hair, barefoot, bare_legs, bare_shoulders, sleeveless,hat_flower,straw_hat,white sundress,straw hat, looking_at_viewer, Lilac eyes,Lovely face,open one’s mouth,middle finger,show the middle finger,n(((Tyndall effect))),dappled sunlight,cloud, flower, autumn_leaves, outdoors, autumn, blue_sky, leaf, sunset, cloudy_sky, burning, owl, maple_leaf,tulips

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, winter, snow field, 1girl, bangs, blue eyes, blunt bangs, bonnet, brown footwear, brown hair, dress, frills, fruit, full body, hat, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, pantyhose, purple dress, red flower, red rose, rose, shoes, sitting, solo, sky, sun, mountain, forest, lake,

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, bag, upper body, street, bangs, bare shoulders, beret, black footwear, black headwear, brown eyes, brown hair, closed mouth, handbag, hat, holding, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, off shoulder, shoes, skirt, sleeves past wrists, socks, solo, sweater, white legwear

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