Arcueid Brunestud (arukuェイド・buriyunsutatto) – 石蒜

提示词:arcueid (tsukihime), 1girl, blush, breasts, chain necklace (arcueid), large breasts, white long sleeves turtleneck sweater, looking at viewer, smile, tongue, tongue out, upper body, finger to mouth, licking, :p, slit pupils, licking finger, full moon, night, night sky, outdoors, smile, solo, thighs, parted lips, petals, standing, moonlight, u003clora:arcueid_meta_lycoris:0.9u003e

提示词:arcueid (tsukihime), 1girl, arms behind back, black bowtie, blush, buttons, white fur capelet, dress, fur trim, looking at viewer, open mouth, smile, solo, vampire, white dress, bokeh, long sleeves, :d, blurry, blurry background, boots, thigh boots, arcueid (coat), u003clora:arcueid_meta_lycoris:1u003e

提示词:1girl, aged down, black bowtie, black pantyhose, buttons, closed mouth, dress, black frilled skirt, frills, juliet sleeves, long sleeves, looking at viewer, mtmosphere, pantyhose, puffy sleeves, sitting, solo, white dress, breasts, blush, gradient, gradient background, grey background, feet out of frame, small breasts, eco arc (tsukihime), chibi, u003clora:arcueid_meta_lycoris:1u003e

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