Waifu’s N Dungeons – v2.0 -(动漫幻想模型)

提示词:a (photorealistic), (dramatic), (fantasy render), concept art, (cowboy shot), of a (beautiful female), (queen of the kitsune), fox ears:0.3, wearing a (classical japanese kimono), (small tail), by wlop, artgerm, greg rutkowski, (high quality, award winning, masterwork, masterpiece:1.5), (((looking away))),

提示词:award winning u003c(realistic:1.2), (extremely intricate:1.2), (oil painting:0.7)u003e, (anime style:1.0), 1girl, solo, (straw hat with flowers:1.1), star (symbol), (long blonde hair flowing in the breeze), soft smile, [((gorgeous green eyes))], (navy dress with white frill collar:0.8), [red bow], long sleeves, (single braid), red rose, looking at viewer, adorable, captivating, center frills, bowtie, bangs, closed mouth, hand touching wheat, (mature woman:1.59), beautiful (dark) night sky in a wheat field, ((at night)), (wind), (monochrome:1.2)

提示词:watercolor painting, (moonlight), (beautiful night sky with clouds), full body portrait of ((wet)), stunningly beautiful ( 2b nier : 1.5 ), wearing ((see through lace skirt)), (detailed face), deep cleavage , (view from_sides ) , messy, ornate, at A mountaintop fortress, home to a powerful sorcerer and his army of elemental golems, castle on top of a hill in the distance, by artist christophe young and by artist ilya kuvshinov, u003clora:LowRA_v20:0.25u003e

提示词:(Highest quality:1.3), cinematic shot, masterpiece, (sharp focus:1.5), (photorealistic:1.3), medium portrait of (a weary-looking but still proud and fierce-looking old Viking warrior, now the leader of his village, dressed in elaborately detailed chain mail and leather armour, a few torches burn on the walls, giving the scene a dark atmosphere but sculpting the forms in sharp chiaroscuro), it is night time, (highly detailed skin), (detailed face), detailed background, dark lighting, twilight lighting, volumetric lighting, intricate details, UHD, u003clora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:1.5u003e

提示词:A rain-soaked city street, slick with the reflection of neon signs, the only source of light in an otherwise dark and mysterious scene. Long shadows stretch across the pavement as silhouettes of trench-coated figures move through the fog, hinting at secret meetings and hidden agendas.

提示词:(secret garden), (lush), floral, rose, botanical, romanticism, moody, space, beautiful clouds, stars, nebula:0.1, intricate, award winning, (dramatic), volumetric lighting, night time, dim lighting, good composition, masterwork, masterpiece, HDR, 8k,

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, high quality, extremely detailed cg unity 8k wallpaper, an extremely colorful and purely fantasy environment with vibrant hues and a bright sky, landscape of bright green grass, colorful trees, glittering fruits, and bright blue flowers. the streams are a deep shade of blue, and the air is filled with sweet exotic scents. the environment appears to be taken out of a dream, with luminescent butterflies and giant colorful birds flying around, award winning photography, bokeh, depth of field, hdr, bloom, chromatic aberration ,photorealistic,extremely detailed, trending on artstation, trending on cgsociety, intricate, high detail, dramatic, art by midjourney

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, everyday life in the cloud kingdom

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