Momoka / モモカ / 모모카 / 桃香 (Blue Archive)

提示词:masterpiece, perfect face, (thick lines:1.0), (ultra-detailed:1.2), (oil painting:0.9), (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper:1.2), soft lighting, momoka, 1girl, halo, short twintails, horns, bright pupils, ahoge, pointy earsnsleeveless dress, necktie, frilled dress, (white loose socks:0.95), small breasts, head restnBREAK looking down, looking at viewer, (laughing, hand to own mouth:0.96), sitting, crossed legsnopen mouth, smile, (smug:1.2), :3, :D, sharp teethnwindow, day, sky, tile floor, indoors, office chairnu003clora:chara-momoka-v1c-24:1u003e

提示词:momoka, halo, short twintails, horns, bright pupils, pointy ears, (hair ornament:1.175), ahogensleeveless dress, blue necktie, bare shoulders, white open jacketnupper body, standing, small breasts, sideboob, BREAKnholding bag of chips, (holding food:0.9)nopen mouth, sharp teeth, (smug:1.1), smile, :3, :d, looking at viewernindoors, computer lab, window, sky, (food in hand:1.035)nu003clora:chara-momoka-v1c-24:1u003e

提示词:momoka, halo, short twintails, (horns:1.05), (bright pupils:1), pointy ears, hair ornament, ahoge, (tail, dragon tail:1.05)ngym uniform, white gym shirt, (pink gym shorts:1.2), solo, petitencowboy shot, standing, (midriff peek:0.70) BREAKn(annoyed, frustrated, frown:1.05), blush, closed mouth, wavy mouth, crossed arms, thigh gapnoutdoors, sky, track field, (blue tail:1.175), (looking to the side, looking away, averted gaze:1.4)nu003clora:chara-momoka-v1c-24:1u003e

提示词:momoka, halo, short twintails, horns, bright pupils, ahoge, pointy ears, (dragon tail:1.1)ncollared dress, sleeveless dress, necktie, small breasts, (pointing at viewer:1.035)nBREAK laughing, covering mouth, hand to own mouth, sharp teeth, (smug:1.2), :d, open mouth, nindoors, office, sitting on desk, holding food, (bag of chips:0.7)nu003clora:chara-momoka-v1c-24:1u003e u003clora:style-maronmaron:0.45u003e,

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