提示词:1girl, red-framed eyewear, breasts, solo, sitting, shorts, glasses, navel, barefoot, shirt, large breasts, ahoge, pink shorts, black shirt, blush, red eyes, indian style, looking at viewer, short hair, hands on feet, dolphin shorts, pillow, closed mouth, short sleeves, collarbone, clock, red hair, bangs, short shorts, on bed, brown hair, sweatdrop, bed, midriff, feet, indoors, bare legs, pout, frown, nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:((masterpiece)), expressionless, (((best quality))), ((illustration)), n1girl, elf, ((solo)), (detailed face), (beautiful detailed eyes), light eyes, blue eyes, ((disheveled hair)), silver hair, full body,nsmile, blank stare, sitting, ((looking to the side)), nbow tie hair band, white transparent long skirt, noble, mysterious, nbright background, in forest, nature, sunshines through the leaves, butterfly, river, close-up,nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:(masterpiece:1.1025), (best quality:1.1025), (official art:1.1025), (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper:1.1025), (torii:1.15763), (rating:safe:1.15763), (1girl:1.15763), (cloud:1.15763), (pointy ears:1.15763), (multiple torii:1.15763), (double bun:1.15763), (red sky:1.15763), (hair bun:1.15763), (sky:1.15763), (bridge:1.15763), (solo:1.1025), (shrine:1.1025), (tree:1.1025), (cloudy sky:1.1025), (railing:1.1025), (long hair:1.1025), (looking at viewer:1.05), blue sky, window, mountain, red eyes, day, breasts, braid, architecture, sleeveless, fur trim, east asian architecture, round window, bare shoulders, upper body, silver hair, snow, china dress, medium breasts, chinese clothes, fur-trimmed jacket, new year, off shoulder, bush, side bun, lake, outdoors, fog, stairs, lantern, closed mouth, red umbrella, path, Defined, real, light sourc, reflection light, ray tracing, (depth of field:1.1025),nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:best quality, colorful, blue theme, white theme, winter, solo, a girl, scarf, indoor, snowdrop, nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:(extremely detailed CG, best quality, ultra-detailed, best shadow), (((checkered background))), ((illustration)), (beautiful detailed face), (floating hair), dynamic angle, High contrast, (best illumination, an extremely delicate and beautiful), hyper detail, intricate details, 1 girl, solo, magician, (white hair:1.3), tuxedo, pink eyes, (mini top hat:1.2), dice earrings, red ribbon, white gloves, holding card, (evil smile:1.3), (((floating card, swirling bird around the character))), light particles, looking at viewer,nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:masterpiece,best quality,n1girl,black hair, long hair,ponytail, nape,red eyes, light smile, looking at viewer,holding bouquet, lily (flower),nred kimono,n(fireworks),(aerial fireworks),firework background,(night),shrine,lake, light reflection (water),nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:((masterpiece, best quality)), 1girl, flower, solo, dress, holding, sky, cloud, hat, outdoors, bangs, bouquet, rose, expressionless, blush, pink hair, flower field, red flower, pink eyes, white dress, looking at viewer, midium hair, holding flower, small breasts, red rose, holding bouquet, sun hat, white headwear, depth of field, nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

提示词:masterpiece, (((best quality))), ((ultra-detailed)), ((illustration)),n(((grey_background, simple background))), n1girl, elf, pointy ears, silver_hair, (short_hair), hair_between_eyes, dark_blue_eyes, collarbone, nunamused, [blush], looking_at_viewer, sitting, upper body, n(see-through white_collared_shirt, long_sleeves, pleated:1), black_skirt, choker, black_pantyhose, x_hair_ornament,nu003clora:92M-000008:1u003e

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