AnyCharacterMix(烘焙 Vae)

提示词:(masterpiece:1.6), 8K (highest quality:1.6),(hyper-realistic:1.2), cinematic lighting,8K, hi-fi, (perfect proportions:1.2),(furry thin man:1.2), (hairy chest:1.4),(cloven hooves:1.4 ),sharp focus, anthropomorphic furry man with goat like face covered in thick fur and goat features,penis, long curved horns, hairy ears and legs,yellow slit pupils,wearing minimal clothing to expose furry chest and cloven hooves,confident expression,illuminated by golden sunlight,standing in grassland,painted by Michelangelo

提示词:(masterpiece:1.6), 8k(best quality:1.6),(highly detailed:1.2),(super photorealistic:1.2),cinematic lighting,8K, hi-fi,(perfect anatomy:1.2),sharp focus ,nA Chinese liquor bottle on a wooden table,with label featuring Chinese patterns in red and gold like the faces of Liu Yifei and Scarlett Johansson combined, long silky black hair, full pink lips, porcelain skin , sweet voice,elegant and lady like posture,nmodern,asian,refined,feminine,gentle,dignified,sweet,wholesome ,graceful, precious, porcelain ,aristocratic, opulent ,cultivated ,nby Zhang Xiaolong

提示词:(masterpiece:1.6), 8k (best quality:1.6),(highly detailed:1.2),(super photorealistic:1.2), cinematic lighting,8K,hi-fi,(perfect anatomy:1.2), sharp focus ,nA Chinese liquor bottle on a wooden table ,with label featuring intricate glowing neon patterns,like the face of Tang Wei with cybernetic enhancements, neon streaks in her long black hair, glowing cybernetic eyes, wearing a black leather trenchcoat in a futuristic dystopian setting,ncyberpunk, neon,futuristic, dystopian, gritty,glowing, enhanced,artificial,synthetic, synthetic skin ,black leather,trench coat, long black hair, fringe,hologram ,glitch ,408error,nby Cao Fei

提示词:(masterpiece), {best quality},High detail,(ray tracing),movie angle,dribbling (basketball), (realistic:1.0),hand up, (groin tendon:1.7), abs, buruma, cameltoe, trefoil, (sweating profusely:1.5), sweatdrop, sweat, sweaty clothes, looking at viewer, nervous, saliva trail, eye contact, full body, nervous, closed mouth, hands on hips, hand on own thigh, turned, panty pull, butt crack, spoken flying sweatdrops, panties around one leg,nby Inoue Takehiko

提示词:(masterpiece:1.6), 8k(best quality:1.6), (highly detailed:1.2), (super photorealistic:1.2), cinematic lighting, 8K, hi-fi, (perfect anatomy:1.2), sharp focus, perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect hands, perfect fingers,nRyukou Fukawa, longing, fierce battle, space fortress, basketball, Sakuragi Hanamichi, technique, quick, invasion, enthralled , admiring fans, meticulously rendered uniforms, hardened basketball,nComposition, dynamic, action, brushed,details, manga, tokusatsu, space, sci-fi, 90’s,nby Inoue Takehiko

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