AllOldRPGArtS1_1990s LoRA

提示词:Masterpiece incredible woman in power armour Metroid greyscale monochrome

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, ultra-detailed, illustration, 1girl, solo, outdoors, camping, night, mountains, nature, stars, moon, bonfire, tent, twin ponytails, green eyes, cheerful, happy, backpack, sleeping bag, camping stove, water bottle, mountain boots, gloves, sweater, hat, flashlight, forest, rocks, river, wood, smoke, shadows, contrast, clear sky, constellations, Milky Way, peaceful, serene, quiet, tranquil, remote, secluded, adventurous, exploration, escape, independence, survival, resourcefulness, challenge, perseverance, stamina, endurance, observation, intuition, adaptability, creativity, imagination, artistry, inspiration, beauty, awe, wonder, gratitude, appreciation, relaxation, enjoyment, rejuvenation, mindfulness, awareness, connection, harmony, balance, texture, detail, realism, depth, perspective, composition, color, light, shadow, reflection, refraction, tone, contrast, foreground, middle ground, background, naturalistic, figurative, representational, impressionistic, expressionistic, abstract, innovative, experimental, unique

提示词:Masterpiece incredible woman in Open sexy power armour Metroid greyscale monochrome, No helmet, face visible long hair beautiful In a dark underground cave with the light from top at the woman

提示词:AllOldRPGArtS1 greyscale, monochrome, robot, solo, no_humans, mecha, science_fiction, white_background, weapon, open_hand, cable, looking_ahead, standing, sword

提示词:AllOldRPGArtS1 a punk woman gang in a cyber bar guns and orcs

提示词:AllOldRPGArtS1 a sexy punk woman in a cyber bar holding a gun in hand

提示词:AllOldRPGArtS1 a man in a armor in a dark scifi city

提示词:AllOldRPGArtS1 a sexy punk woman in a cyber bar holding a gun in hand

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