Yuzuna Hiyo风格检查点模型

提示词:photo of a iom girl, (Background:u003croom:1.05), girlkawaii anime girl, 1girl, cant be this cut, large_breasts, 18 years old, beautiful detailed skin, detailed face, (t-shirt:1.1), skirt, shy, ((marvelous illustration)),

提示词:photo of a iom girl, u003clora:Yukihana_lamy:0.4u003e, boots, sitting, indoor, in the room, drinks, beer_cans, The beer_cans roll around, footwear, yukihana lamy, french braid, white thighhighs, frilled skirt, blue skirt, plaid bow, clothing cutout, beret, large breasts, bare shoulders, blue bow, white shirt, snowflake hair ornament, sleeveless shirt, blue hair, blue coat, virtual youtuber, yellow eyes, pointy ears, corset, belt, white headwear, heart ahoge, center frills, hair flower, fur-trimmed sleeves, long hair, fur-trimmed coat, 1girl, cowboy shot, smile, glow, flush

提示词:photo of a iom girl, u003clora:Sakura_miko5:0.5u003e, arms behind back, smile, garter straps, hairclip, long sleeves, shoulder cutout, collared shirt, flower, corset, neck bell, red bowtie, red skirt, white shirt, green eyes, pink hair, frilled skirt, large breasts, low twintails, plaid skirt, sleeveless shirt, detached sleeves, black headwear, black thighhighs, ahoge, bare shoulders, 1girl, hair ornament, virtual youtuber, belt, vertical striped shirt, cherry blossom trees, outdoors, city, the clock tower

提示词:photo of a iom girl , masterpiece, best quality, (masterpiece:1.22), (best quality:1.16), (super_detail:1.16), (beautiful detailed girl:1.16), 1girl, (snowing:1.16), (city:1.16), medium breasts, hoodie,

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