RZ 剪切 (2.1)

提示词:A digital art (of a twingo car) in a [rz-shear] art style

提示词:A beautiful rz-shear:0.85 art of a izombie warrior with black hair and glasses, He has an arm prosthetic hip-hop chiu-jitsu style hiphop izombie by tsukushi saito wearing an an-ach, blue baseball cap, digital illustration sketch concept art by tsukushi seki, octane render in the style of artstation, digital art by ilya kuvshinov

提示词:A beautiful [[rz-shear]] art of a family of goblins facing toward their next door that sits on the porch and laughing maniacally, The sky is completely covered with wispy smoke, In the background there is a castle on a hill, Late Rivers mountains and mountains, Monochrome colors, Lens flare in the middle of nowhere, A small man standing in this photo, Hyper realistic highly detailed photograph by Gregory Crewdson and Rene Magritte, Detailed Garden of hope, Extremely detailed, Cinematic, Polaroid 600 Film, Award winning portrait, Cinematic lighting, trending on artstation, Realistic render, Coherent vivid, Concept art, Filmic, rendered in focus, Octane Render, Hyper-Winning Art by Boeing 7 EOS-Realistic, Highly detailed, Golden Ratio from the style of a very very very beautiful gazing eyes, Golden Ratio illustration, Golden Ratio from the image

提示词:A beautiful [[rz-shear]] art of a man in a Biblical outfit waiting for the train, mysterious vibe, by George Inness, by Steve Argyle, by Igor Morski, big eye watching against the back of a meadow with a farm, a dog, midday, dawn, stars, blur, shallow depth of field, cyberpunk, rain, steamcommunity, electric lights, dystopian, wildlife, futuristic cars, highly detailed, photorealistic, digital art, 3D, hyperrealism, matte finish, global illumination, Volumetric dynamic lighting, HDR, HDR, HD, 4k, 8k resolution, 3D, 3D, PBR, PBR, hyper realistic, Unreal Engine, well composed, DSLR, hyperrealistic, Unreal Engine 5k resolution, Unreal Engine, Unreal Engine 5Dimensionally decorated, digital art Station, Octane Render, Trending on DeviantArt

提示词:A beautiful [[rz-shear]] art of a giant snail with its mouth open drawn on it, created by Tim Burton, thomas kinkade, Hwan Khares, Liang Phong, 4K high quality realism, exquisite detail, post-processing, masterpiece, cinematic, deep horror, sharp focus, high details, daylight, astrophotography, 4K render, super resolution-n 8 s620 0- 9906 3-1-200-001, hq digital painting terragen beautiful lighting, mystical ambience, trending in art station, no shot on artstation, artstationHD, 4k UHD, 35mm f/, Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh, 8K CryEngine rendered in Maya Render on Flickr.4k UHD, RAW Dreaming mood, Kodak Kodachrome 200mm

提示词:A digital art (of an house) in a [rz-shear] art style

提示词:An illustration of a (huge city street) in a [rz-shear art style

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