Cardi B. 嵌入

提示词:ultra realistic photo portrait of (cardib:1.2) cosmic energy, colorful, painting burst, beautiful symmetrical face, nonchalant kind look, realistic round eyes, tone mapped, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, dreamy magical atmosphere, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha, 4k, 8k, perfect hands, extreme high quality, highest quality, hasselblad photo

提示词:hyper realistic head and shoulders portrait style photo of (cardib:1.2) as Denaerys Targaryen, a young 20 year old woman with pale skin and (long curly red hair:1.4) wearing a long flowing white dress walking barefoot down a beach in the sand with her hand in her hair, modelstyle photo, professional photoshoot, post-processing, at dusk, golden hour

提示词:(cardib:1.2), Style-Empire, 8k portrait of beautiful young woman with brown hair, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, majestic, digital photography, art by artgerm ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal wet paint gold butterfly filigree, broken glass

提示词:full body portrait of a gorgeous young cardib, A highly detailed and hyper realistic lisa frank, trending on artstation, butterflies, floral, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by Tvera and wlop and artgerm, alberto seveso and geo2099 style

提示词:masterpiece, highest_quality, 1girl, ((wolf_ears)), black_hair, short_hair, crop_top, looking at viewers, grin, sun_light, depth_of_field, nature, outdoors, realistic, photo_(medium), photorealistic, (ultra-detailed:1.2), detailed_light, HDR, extremely_detailed, High_Detail, Sharp_focus, dramatic, wolf_girl, vertical_pupil, (cardib:1.2)

提示词:photo of (cardib:1.3), masterpiece photo flawless makeup ((low angle)) woman (pilot) in space (marketplace),merchants, helmet with full visor,(((alien technology))), huge breasts, woven nylon, engines, spacecraft,golden ratio,voluminous wavy hair,teardrop breasts,theratio,movement, flow, serenity, unity 8k,j scott campbell, complex background, high details, skin pores, ,canon 5d

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