Ligne Claire 动漫风格 LoRA

提示词:u003clora:ligne_claire_anime:1u003enligne claire, flat color, detailed,n1girl, long white hair, blue eyes, lily flowers, hair flower, smile,nblue and white formal wear, ascot,nfrom side,nabstract flower background

提示词:u003clora:ligne_claire_anime:1u003enligne claire, limited palette, flat color, low contrast, detailed,n1girl, serious expression, solo, witch, robes, swirling mana and energy, destructive power, lightning,ndark sky, circular clouds, shattered ground, explosive, scenery

提示词:masterpiece, best quality, ligne claire, flat color,nlimited palette, low contrast,n1girl, long black hair, portrait, looking afar, expressionless,nautumn, sunset, falling leaves, town streets, windswept, scenery,n u003clora:ligne_claire_anime:1u003e

提示词:ligne claire, flat color,n1girl,nfrom behind, brown hair,nlooking away, sky, clouds,nsunset, mountains, crystal butterflies, melancholic, scenery, u003clora:ligne_claire_anime:1u003e

提示词:best quality, ligne claire, flat color,n1girl, adventurer, amazon jungle, waterfall, from below,nabstract background, detailed background u003clora:ligne_claire_anime:1u003e

提示词:u003clora:last:1u003enbowl of ramen, cup of green tea, from above

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