RFKTR 的时尚达人 v1.0

提示词:high detail RAW color full body Photo of pale beautiful 30yo woman with angular face wearing EMB_fshnsta-9100, 8k resolution, beautiful, cinematic, elegant, hyperrealistic, octane render, unreal, high definition, 8k resolution, highly detailed, photo taken with Sony a7R camera, DSLR lens

提示词:highest quality, masterpiece, full body portrait of medieval witch doctor EMB_fshnsta-13000

提示词:highest quality, 4k, sharp focus, masterpiece, EMB_fshnsta-13000, long straight black haired man wearing black metal outfit

提示词:highest quality, masterpiece, EMB_fshnsta-13000, The Battle-Scarred King: A medieval warrior king stands atop a rocky outcropping, surveying his kingdom. His muscular, naked torso is covered in a collage of scars, each one a testament to the battles he has fought and won. The king exudes a raw and rugged energy, with his grungy aesthetic only adding to his fearsome reputation. Despite his rough exterior, he is a just and fair ruler, loved by his people and respected by his enemies. But with war looming on the horizon, the king must once again draw his sword and defend his kingdom, no matter the cost.

提示词:highest quality, masterpiece, EMB_fshnsta-13000, The Iron Colossus: A giant mechanical robot towers over the city, its gleaming metal exterior reflecting the chaos below. Built for destruction, the robot is equipped with an arsenal of weapons and advanced technology. It moves with a grace that belies its massive size, crushing anything in its path as it carries out its mission. Despite its overwhelming power, the robot is not without a sense of purpose, driven by a mysterious agenda known only to its creators. As it faces its greatest challenge yet, the Iron Colossus must navigate the complexities of human emotion and morality, while facing off against those who would stand in its way.

提示词:highest quality, masterpiece, EMB_fshnsta-13000, He stood tall and proud, muscles rippling with every move. Battle-hardened and strong, he was a true warrior. His unwavering determination and steady pace echoed through the battlefield, inspiring others to follow his lead. With each step, he spreads bravery and stability, diffusing the chaos and bringing order to the fight

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